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Adapted from the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Study


OPERATING PLAN- A list of procedures to be followed in making changes to the lake levels or their outflows for the specific purpose or to achieve certain objectives. Operation of regulatory facilities on the Great Lakes are carried out by their owners and operators under the supervision of the IJC and in accordance with Plan 1977 (Lake Superior) and Plan 1958-D (Lake Ontario).

OUTFALL- The place or structure where a sewer, drain, conduit or stream discharges into the surface water.

OUTFLOW- The quantity of water flowing out of a lake through surface rivers or streams, measured in time units at a given point.

OXIC- To expose to oxygen.

OZONATION -The application of a substance or compound with ozone as a possible remedy for the occasional taste and odor problems experienced in some municipal water supplies that withdraw water from the lower river.

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