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Adapted from the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Study


LAKEBED DOWNCUTTING - Progressive erosion or deepening of the water depths in front of riparian property.

LAKE OUTFLOW -The amount of water flowing out of a lake.

LEACHATE- Contaminated liquid resulting from the percolation of water through pervious rocks and soils at a waste site or landfill.

LIDAR- A remote-sensing system similar to radar, in which laser light pulses take the place of microwaves.

LITTORAL- Pertaining to or along the shore, particularly to describe currents, deposits and drift.

LITTORAL CELL- An area under the continuous influence of specific longshore currents.

LITTORAL CELLS- Closed sediment compartments that define the limits of all sand movements, both along the shore and onshore/offshore.

LITTORAL DRIFT- The movement of gravel, sand and other beach material along the coast, which is caused by waves and currents.

LITTORAL ZONE- The area extending from the outermost breaker or where wave characteristics significantly alter due to decreased depth of water to: either the place where there is marked change in material or physiographic form; the line of permanent vegetation (usually the effective limit of storm waves); or the limit of wave uprush at average annual high water level.

LOCATION BENEFIT - Positive effect on the welfare of an interest derived from shore location and water level situation.

LOCATION COST- Negative effect on the welfare of an interest derived from shore location and water level situation.

LOW WATER DATUM- An approximation of mean low water, used for harbour-dredging purposes.

LOWER ST. LAWRENCE RIVER -The portion of the St. Lawrence River downstream of the Moses-Saunders Dam is called the lower St. Lawrence in this Study. It includes Lac St. Francis, Lac St. Louis, Montreal Harbour, Lac St. Pierre and the portions of the River connecting these lakes as far downstream as Trois Rivieres.

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