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Adapted from the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Study


ICE JAM - An accumulation of river ice, in any form which obstructs the normal river flow.

IMAGERY - Representation of objects as images through electronic and optical techniques.



IMPLEMENTABILITY - The ability to put into effect a measure considering factors of engineering, economic, environmental, social, political and institutional feasibility.

IMPLEMENTING AUTHORITY- Any governmental agency at any level having appropriate authority to authorize and execute the implementation of any particular action and the jurisdiction to enforce an action.

INFILTRATION - Movement of water through the soil surface and into the soil.

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT TECHNICAL WORK GROUP - A scientific and technical work group for the Study that is collecting and updating information on depths and elevations (bathymetric and topographic data) in critical areas of the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence system and sharing findings with other work groups.

INSTITUTION - An organization of governmental units which have the authority and ability to facilitate and/or make decisions affecting the water levels issue.

INTEGRATED ECOLOGICAL RESPONSE MODEL (IERM) - Establishes the framework for evaluating, comparing, and integrating the responses for the environmental performance indicators.

INTERESTS - Any identifiable group, including specialized mission agencies of governments which (1) perceive that their constituents'/members' welfare is influenced by lake level fluctuation or policies and measures to address lake level fluctuation, and which (2) are willing and able to enter the decision-making process to protect the welfare of their constituents/members.

INTERNATIONAL JOINT COMMISSION (IJC) - An international federal government agency formed in 1909 by the United States and Canada as an application of the Boundary Waters Treaty to oversee the resolution and prevention of disputes with regard to all bodies of water shared by the two countries, and to provide recommendations on such water management issues as water quality and water levels.

INTERNATIONAL LAKE ONTARIO - ST. LAWRENCE RIVER STUDY - A study sponsored by the IJC to examine the effects of water level and flow variations on all users and interest groups and to determine if better regulation is possible at-the existing installations controlling Lake Ontario outflows.

INTERNATIONAL ST. LAWRENCE RIVER BOARD OF CONTROL - Board established by the International Joint Commission in its 1952 Order of Approval. Its main duty is to ensure that outflows from Lake Ontario meet the requirements of the Commission's Order. The Board also develops regulation plans and conducts special studies as requested by the Commission.

INTERNATIONAL REACH -The portion of the St. Lawrence River that is between Lake Ontario and the Moses-Saunders Dam.

INVESTMENT - Expenditure made by an interest to capture benefits. The investment decision reflects available information and understanding about the system, government responsibilities and risks.

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