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Adapted from the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Study


FISH GUILD - 1. A group of fish that have share similar breeding habits. 2. A group of fish, not necessarily of the same species, that depend on the same environmental resources.

FLOOD AND EROSION PREDICTION SYSTEM (FEPS) - A series of numerical models including COSMOS that compile and evaluate shoreline data to compute flood and erosion damages.

FLOODING -The inundation of low-lying areas by water.

FLOODPLAIN - The lowlands surrounding a watercourse (river or stream) or a standing body of water (lake), which are subject to flooding.

FLOW - The rate of movement of a volume of water over time.

FLUCTUATION - A period of rise and succeeding period of decline of water level. Fluctuations occur seasonally with higher levels in late spring to mid-summer and lower levels in winter. Fluctuations occur over the years due to precipitation and climatic variability. As well, fluctuations can occur on a short-term basis due to the effects of periodic events such as storms, surges, ice jams, etc.

FLUVIAL - Related to or living in a stream produced by a river.

FRAZIL ICE - Stream ice with the consistency of slush, formed when small ice crystals develop in super-cooled stream water as air temperatures drop below freezing. These ice crystals join and are pressed together by newer crystals as they form.

FRESHET -The sudden overflow or rise in level of a stream as a result of heavy rains or snowmelt.

FUNGIBILITY- Something that is exchangeable or substitutable. In this Study, fungibility refers to the degree to which performance indicators are measured in the same units and are comparable.

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